Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stories, survivors

          Although many killings were made, there were still somehow survivors that live to tell their stories. Mike Mageau was a survivor that isn’t quite comfortable to tell what actually happened. He was with a female named Darlene Ferrin, in which they were in a parking lot alone and The Zodiac came up to their car firing his caliber at them. Shots were firing everywhere, but only leaving him wounded. After screaming for help the Zodiac came back and shot him twice. He somehow still survived, yet Darlene was already dead. Another case was a woman that goes by the name of Kathleen Johns, at the time she was driving down the road with her baby. Out of nowhere a car is driving besides her telling her to pull over that something was wrong with her wheel. He assured her that he could help her to a nearby phone or gas station. She agreed and grabbed her baby boy and hesitantly got into the car. As they were driving she realized that he wasn’t stopping at any gas stations and was quickly passing every opportunity. She asked him to pull over and let her out, yet he angrily wouldn’t let her go. At an intersection she quickly ran out and hid behind a bush with her baby. The Zodiac Killer quickly drove off and to never be seen again. Everything was done, and even with all of the descriptions and after all of the questioning there weren’t any traces that lead to who the Zodiac Killer.


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  2. Can I ask, what interests you so much about the Zodiac killer?

  3. Why don't they ask the woman to identify the man? She must have seen him up close if she sat next to him in a car. Let her see pictures of the suspects..